The Spice is Right

It's dinner time. You're starving and the smells from the stove are aggravating your blood sugar levels. As you stir with your right hand, you reach with your left to grab the spices. Fumbling, you look away from the stove, getting impatient and more hungry. Crash! One of the spices falls and breaks and you still can't find the damn turmeric. Your dish starts to burn. You give up, plate your food, grab the sea salt because it's always in plain sight. You sit down sulking whilst staring at the pile of spice and glass on your floor and still no turmeric. Later you find two jars in the far back of the cabinet, both expired. Sound familiar?

When it comes to spices, our advice is to keep bottles SIMPLE, ACCESSIBLE, and VISIBLE at all times. No more stacking or stockpiling in the back of your pantry shelves.

Start by taking inventory of your spices and herbs and make note of how often you use them. What can you let go of? When it comes to herbs, we like to buy and use fresh whenever possible because they provide better flavor, so we'll focus on our spice collection, specifically.

Keep spices in a single row to ensure visibility.

Keep spices in a single row to ensure visibility.

Spice Rack Tips:

  • Consider location. Spices should be within arms reach from your stove. Movements that include, digging, shifting, pulling out drawers with depth will create spice neglect and human agitation. Use a rack on the inside of the pantry door or on the wall so all of your spices are visible but not in direct light. Also be careful not to store too close to the stove as heat can destroy the potency of certain spices.

  • Alphabetize your spices so you can quickly locate.

  • Use glass. Glass containers last longer and keeps your food fresh.

  • Buy organic. Non-organic spices can contain pesticides, GMOs, artificial colors and preservatives, and lack in vitamins and natural enzymes.

  • Check expiration dates. With age, spices lose their medicinal potency.


PUR Oslo's five favorite spice picks:

  1. Sea salt: rich in minerals and balances fluids in the body.

  2. Black pepper: increases nutrient absorption especially when used with turmeric.

  3. Turmeric: fights inflammation.

  4. Cinnamon: blood sugar stabilizer.

  5. Seaweed flakes: full of beneficial minerals.

A few of PUR Oslo's favorite spices. photo: @shutthekaleup via instagram

A few of PUR Oslo's favorite spices. photo: @shutthekaleup via instagram


Megan Guertner is the founder of PUR Oslo, an Oslo-based kitchen creating healthy eats and pressed juices that are handmade, small-batch, organic, and locally-sourced.