5 steps to a tidier kitchen

Follow these tips for a photo-worthy kitchen space:

  • Put your dishes away. This sounds like an easy one, but drying racks take up valuable real estate and make for a cluttered visual field.

  • Store your kitchen appliances behind closed doors, not on the countertop. This one is a biggie: we recommend keeping 80% of your countertop space vacant, which on average means no more than 2-3 large appliances displayed on the countertop. Opt to keep out your favorites that you use every day and store the others in cabinets below. Because how often are you using that 6-slice toaster anyway?

  • Add a decorative tray to keep daily must-have cooking ingredients at arm’s reach. Stock your salt cellar, pepper mill and favorite olive oil and keep them all anchored together on a tray so they don’t get lost on the countertop.

  • Keep mail and office clutter out of the kitchen. This is a big one! The kitchen is often a high-traffic zone and becomes a dumping ground for mail and other various papers. By creating a designated office system with an in/out box near the entryway of your home you can avoid piles of paper clutter on the kitchen countertop.

  • Stash the sink-side sponge + dish soap combo under the sink. If that seems too extreme, opt for putting soap in a neutral glass pump. Nothing kills your tidy vibe more than a smelly dish sponge and half-empty bottle of Palmolive.