Consider the Capsule Wardrobe

This post was written by Laurel Kinney, a personal stylist based in Austin, Texas. Read on for her tips for creating your own Capsule wardrobe.

photos by  Un-Fancy

photos by Un-Fancy

As a personal stylist, I’m no stranger to the concept of a Capsule wardrobe: a pared down collection of interchangeable, often fairly classic and minimalist clothing. When people first started talking about it I had an immediate allergic reaction, ironically because the concept felt trendy, go figure.  I naturally lean towards creating interchangeable wardrobes for my clients, but people kept asking for more support around capsule creation. So I studied up, read the rules according to Un-Fancy (short story: wear only 37 items for 3 months - accessories, exercise, and loungewear aren’t included) and put my own spin on it. I used the Capsule exercise as an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of what I really like to wear, why, and to hone in on my true personal style in an entirely new way.


Be realistic & mindful of your lifestyle, the colors you love to wear, and the versatility of each piece you select for your Capsule.


Your confidence about your overall style will increase as you start to understand exactly WHY you love each item, what makes each item work, and even the elements of your character each piece embodies. There's an incredible freedom that comes from allowing yourself to ONLY wear what you love.


My entire wardrobe has easily shifted into the land of intentional, and since I'm not wearing the bulk of my clothes, I can wear some of my nicer non-capsule clothes as lounge clothes and feel much more put together 100% of the time!

So if you're interested in a fresh style start, or just want to really WEAR your clothes in a more meaningful way, you might consider this exercise (or contact me for support!). For me, it's been an eye-opener in terms of the connection between style and self-care, in other words I can quickly identify what feels good vs. what I can live without. What a gift!

-Laurel Kinney