Easy Indoor Houseplants

Yes, you can keep a plant alive.

This time of year we could all use a wee bit of green in our lives. Adding just one houseplant to your home not only adds color, it can also boost your mood, produce oxygen, filter pollutants, and bring tranquility to your space -- a very good investment indeed.

Here’s a list of our six favorite low-maintenance flora, many of which should be available at your local nursery or at The Sill (offering local delivery here in NYC):



  1. Terrariums - these self-sustaining ecosystems do well with ferns and air plants.

  2. Cacti + Succulents - Keep in a sunny window, and water sparingly.

  3. Jade - a.k.a the friendship tree, lucky plant, or money tree thrives in medium light.

  4. Fiddle-Leaf Fig - with its big, beautiful leaves and retro-chic vibe, this tropical fig is actually a tree capable of growing 40 feet tall in the jungle. As an indoor plant, the Fiddle-Leaf Fig grows very slowly.

  5. Philodendron - Tons of varieties with this one, including our personal favorite the Monstera deliciosa, or Swiss cheese plant.

  6. Parlor Palm - It’s very hard to kill this one -- it’s been a popular houseplant since the Victorian era. Water sparingly, ideal because it grows very slowly and thrives in low light and small spaces.