Closet Culling 101

It’s the new year and we couldn’t think of a better time to tackle your wardrobe.

Get sorting. Art by Stacy Antoville

Get sorting. Art by Stacy Antoville


Now is the time to open that closet door, clean out the items that you haven’t worn in a while, and give them a new home.  Marie Kondo, one of our favorite organizing gurus, advises us to “discard first, store later.” The most efficient way to do this is to remove every item of clothing from the closet, place it elsewhere (your bed or a separate clear floor space) and go through piece by piece.  Sort into keep and remove piles, and then separate out the ‘remove’ items into three buckets: donate, sell, and discard.


Remove clothing that no longer serves you, including:

  • Clothing you are not excited about - ask yourself, if you went shopping right now, would you buy this item?

  • Clothing that is torn, broken, or stained

  • Clothing that no longer fits

  • Sentimental clothing you never wear


January is the perfect time to accomplish this task -- this is a goal you can set now and see immediate results in just an afternoon. Now get to it!   And when you’re done with all that sorting, drop off your donations at one of these charities:

1. Goodwill

Sales from gently used clothing, shoes, toys, and electronics help fund job training programs and employment placement services for people who have disabilities, lack education, or face employment challenges. Click here to out where you can donate locally.

2. Salvation Army

With locations countrywide, this 147-year old organization accepts gently worn clothing, toys, furniture, and household goods to benefit the homeless and less privileged. Visit its website to find your nearest location or to organize a pick-up.

3. St. Vincent de Paul

Profits from sales will help provide hot meals, medicine, housing assistance, and job training to various groups in need. Visit to drop-off at a thrift store near you.

4. GrowNYC (NY Based)

This eco-friendly non-profit takes clothing, shoes, bedding, linens, hats, handbags, belts, and fabric scraps and recycles them. Check out for drop-off locations at various city greenmarkets.